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Identity Is Not Given. It Is Something You Carve Out Of Resistance.

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Humans are peculiar because life is peculiar. Every person in this world has a sense of the truest form of their personality. This truest form of us is perfect and devoured of any nuances in our personality. One of the goals of a person is to achieve that truest form.

For some people, it would be both their purpose and their goal. Is there anyone who could claim that he has achieved that truest form? No one can ever say yes to that, well it’s because this truest form is a subjective representation of desire and will. As these two variables keep on changing the truest form keeps on changing. One of the first steps towards achieving this truest form is resistance. Resistance of the self.

First, we have to deconstruct it all to make something new. Similar to creative writing where we learn to deconstruct first before creating something new. In real life, we deconstruct our old habits, which we hate and have been trying to forsake for a long. Removing a habit innate in our psychology requires willpower the most powerful tool any person can have. If a person can shape his will he can shape anything as proposed by tomes of philosophy, especially by George Stuart Fullerton. In this process of deconstruction, we battle against our will and hence shape ourselves. The bigger picture is though if we remove those habits will a person stay what he was or his identity will be changed forever. First and foremost, only a limited few can provide resistance to a habit and succeed in conquering them. The rest struggle is bound to eternity due to their fickle will.

Let’s suppose a person likes to watch television. For years he has been watching it and all he knows today is known by him via television. Suddenly if he stops this habit, will he be able to gather information in some other way. He will struggle at first but if he conquered his senses he might develop a liking for books, magazines and even newspapers. If he didn’t it won’t be harmful either maybe he will have to possess a pair of glasses what more? The truth is what we resist shape us today and what we have already have shaped us for a long. It is very difficult to answer whether which aspect is contributing more towards personality. Our resistance to the self is the inner conflict prevalent in humans which asks for betterment. The traits which we have obtained have shaped our personality for years whether it’s for our good or not. Life is a constant balance between this inner conflict and given attributes. It’s important to accept what we are and embrace it and yet allow a constant resistance to the self which is not acceptable to our consciousness. A person who resists everything can lose a sense of one’s self.

Imagine how difficult it is to adopt a different personality or body as proposed by Franz Kafka in his literary masterpiece Metamorphosis. A person who doesn’t resist can lose a sense of betterment and growth and hence existence. To exist a person has to adapt which requires constant resistance. No one can ever hide from resistance as conflict is present in every moment in our lives. A human who can achieve the balance between these two factors can achieve unattainable heights. This clarifies that Resistance has a half impact on our personality and identity is not a function of a singular factor. It is affected by a continuum of factors and the relationship between those factors.

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