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Noise In A Dream

Dark woods, curvilinear pathways and golden shower trees amongst these are a wooden house consumed by wild orchids and night jasmine. The house has two rooms with a gable in front over the porch and a lantern is dangling from the rooftop. Beneath the old wooden floor is a cellar and someone is lying there with eyes tightly closed. This strange fellow is called Mr Tumbler. He is a young boy, waiting to surpass his childhood and step towards adulthood. Mr Tumbler isn’t his real name, nobody knows what it is. Why Mr Tumbler? Nobody knows much clearly, but there is one state of events that seems quite plausible for this namesake. It is said that he was a young boy and wanted others to empathise with him due to his mental state. What kind of mental state, he himself didn’t know it. But he was totally sure about some neurological malfunction.

Others didn’t emphasise, this is what Mr Tumbler felt, but others were totally disinterested in him. These others could be family, friends and Mr Tumbler himself. He disliked himself as he couldn’t dream. . Some rationalists say he hasn’t slept for days, fundamentalists take the count to months and indifferent people who couldn’t take both sides claim it to be years. The worst part was that his father was an oneirocritic. In ‘Watchmirror’ valley, neighbours were troubled by his loud cries at midnight. The place became a nightmare for his parents and compulsive intrusion by others in their lives induced them to leave the place without a trace. Eloping was successful; they were saved by others discretion of admitting Mr Tumbler into a mental asylum.

On the way, while sitting in the backseat of a Ford mustang Mr Tumbler decided to give himself this namesake. A few years later, his parents died while walking in the woods falling prey to some unknown beast. His escapist tendencies grew even more and Mr Tumbler wanted to have a dream more desperately than ever. He would lock himself in the cellar, clampdown his eyes and wait for something to happen. He would lie in awkward positions to aggravate the disinterestedness to simulate his unconscious. Nothing happened for a month but he showed perseverance towards his goal. One of the others, Milady who was a neighbour of his in Watch mirror valley visited him once or twice. This girl was his classmate till eight standards after which Mr Tumbler had to be schooled at home. His parents fortunately never wanted him to go to a school for special children.

Milady was driving his car on a snow glazed lane covered by snow edged pine and spruce trees. She is wearing a scrub dress of a nurse and thinking about Mr Tumbler. Her thoughts tell her somehow that something eventful must be going in the place or it might happen. In order to divert her thoughts, she overdid the accelerator but eventually halted and turned back. Back in the forest, Mr Tumbler is lying in the cellar his eyes are closed and pressed even more tightly. He started to undress pulled his t-shirt and then trousers until he was bare to skin. Nothing happened even in this bare state.

He heard a loud thud after some time. It was a tapping noise on some wooden object. As he heard closely the nose began to consume his senses. To him, it felt like the beginning of a dream. Luminous light particles started to flow randomly in his consciousness despite the darkness around him. The loud thud became a sharp tapping voice and Mr Tumbler thought some person is entering into his dream. He didn’t worry if it were a nightmare as the desire to witness embarked his senses. Nothing happened further. He pressed his eyes even more firmly. Milady who created this illusion of disillusion kept watching Mr Tumbler. His lips were open and he was saying something. Milady couldn’t figure it out. In front of her was a boy whom she greatly emphasized with. She had developed a likeability for this boy but people would call her mad too if she were to be with him so she refrained. Milady liking turned into an unturned desire. She undressed and went closer to Mr Tumbler. She tried to kiss his quivering lips but he was shaking. Then she steadied his head with her cosmic touch. Mr Tumbler hadn’t felt anything like it. She went even closer to kiss. Their lips were about attaining cosmic unification.

“It’s a dream...”.Mr. Tumbler sighed.

He said that twice and his tensed brows raised and countenance casted merriment. Milady had transmuted his feelings and kissed him as if it was a dream. She touched his body like a delicate petal and embraced the beauty of human anatomy with utter perfection. The day went by and Milady kissed Mr Tumbler for the last time before leaving. Mr Tumbler looked as relaxed as a drop of water resting on a rose petal. Milady went out slowly without interrupting the dream which he had finally lived.

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