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Upcoming Project


Lazarus Herofication is about some people who create conflicts for themselves. A cart loader fights for a meagre load of gravel, A guy does foolish things in Love,

A girl understands the importance of the Idea of God, A Boudoir artist saturated with beauty defines his own way of portraying it and memory becomes a cause of all their conflicts.

Story and Directed By: Dev Khajuriya Producer: Dev Khajuriya & Ravi Shankar Cinematography: Sourabh Mishra & Ravi Shankar Editor: Yash Mehra Sound: Vinay Kumar Status: Under Production Cast: Rashmi
Abhishek Hazari Vinay Kumar Pankaj Kumar Dushyant Manasvi Kashyap Mukul Joshi K Hritik
Divya Dhawan Ajay Chand Rashika Sharma Alex Chand Expect Release Date: Q1 2023

For more info read: Pre Production, Production & Post Production please follow our social media for updates.

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